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The University of Chicago Stable Isotope Ratio facility

Fun Stuff!!!  (mixed music)
Supplies for Science Fairs On being a young scientist
Museums, Arboretums, Planetariums, oh my! philanthropy
Toys Going Green
Teaching and Learning
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Supplies and tools for Science Fairs
Steve Spangler Science
Science Direct (was Edmund's Science)
Ward's Natural Science (Earth Science)
see also Science Fairs under Helpful Links
       Periodic Tables
       MS and NMR Wizard
       Molecular Weight Calculator
       Concentrated Reagent Concentrations (e.g. 35% Ammonia = 18.1 M)
       Solubility Product Constants
       Ideal Gas Law Calculator
       Unit Converter
       Cooling Bath Temperatures (e.g. Methanol/Liquid Nitrogon =  -98 C)
       Online Slide Rule (not actually useful)
       Online Stapler (less useful than the sliderule)
       CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
       Open WetWare (biology wiki)
       List of Universities by State
USGS Earthquake
           earthquake notifications
          Khan Academy (online short courses, video)
Web and Typography Tools
       Unicode Character Map
       Anagram Generator
       Microsoft Office Tips:  Menu Style (pre-2007) & Ribbon Style (post-2007)
                                          Excel        Word                 Excel     Word

Museums. Arboretums, Planetariums, oh my!

Please support your local toy stores
ThinkGeek--part of GameStop
Uncommon Goods
The Paper Airplane Guy
Geek Dad (blog/reviews) and Geek Mom (blog/reviews)
and don't forget the museum gift shops
Sequence Alignment  (better than Tetris (tm) ;)


Teaching and Learning
Teacher's Domain (WGBH Boston or local pbslearningmedia site)
Earth Observatory (NASA), Carbon Cycle 
Bay Model Visitor Center 
National Geographic
Metasequouia--a living fossil
American Association for the Advancement of Science
BBC Science
Improbable Research
Nasa Earth Observatory
The Naked Scientists
Penn State e-Education
Yale Open Courses
U. of Chicago Graham School online courses
Carleton Science Education Resource Center
WebElements - Online Periodic Table
Smithsonian Institute
EdGCM (educational global climate modeling)
Not Voodoo: Demystifying Synthetic Organic Laboratory Technique
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Climate Wars (BBC documentary)
This Old House--(check out their net zero project)

on being a young scientist


Going Green
Fuel (EPA and DOE)
Energy Star
Federation of American Scientists
Greenhouse Accounting (DOE National Environmental Policy Act)
Columbia University Educational Global Climate Modeling

US Global Change Research Program
DOE's, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Guide for Consumers
EPA main web site--clean air to clean water
A Complete Idiot's Guide to Global Warming
(don't know what to do if you are not a complete idiot ;)
Green Living for Dummies

Renewable Resources Coalition



Wind Power (low wind/most residential sites not optimal)

Solar Power
Suppliers--general disclaimer--links provided to give an example of what is available--no endorsement implied.

DO NOT try this at home
Brainiac: Alkali Metals + Water            Ephraim climbing Gunks
Liquid Oxygen Barbeque
Lighting a Jack-O-Lantern
  aka self carving pumpkin ;)