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The Department of The Geophysical Sciences

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The University of Chicago Stable Isotope Ratio facility

People see the user list...(look to citations to see what they've done already)
Department of Geophysical Sciences
Ecology and Evolution
Department of Anthropology

Department of Chemistry
          Anderson lab

  Sora Kim (Geo, Chamberlin Fellow)  UC Merced

Grad Students/Alumni--for copy of given thesis, try Proquest: (name + Chicago for search)
     thesis may also be deposited at Knowledge@UChicago
   Bo He (Geo)  data analyst
   Nanxi Bian (Geo)  data analyst
   Aric Mine (Geo) Fresno State
   Miquela Ingalls (Geo)  Penn State
   Sam Millier (Geo) Post-doc
   Marie Hoerner (Geo)
   Daniel Green (visiting, Harvard)  research scientist
   Sophie McCoy (Ecology) Florida State
   Orissa Moulton (Ecology) William and Mary

Undergraduates--most have now headed off to grad school or are wandering the world:
Spencer Washburn
Joe Cronin
Audrey Rowe
Anna Waldeck
Andrew Whitehill
Lily Zhao
Peter Zaykoski