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The University of Chicago Stable Isotope Ratio facility

Chicago Stable Isotope Ratio
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The University of Chicago has a long tradition of making stable isotope analysis to help us understand nature, the world, and the entire universe around us.  Harold Urey, Harmon Craig, Jacob Bigeleisen and Marie Goeppert Meyer, amongst others, were at The University of Chicago (see page 10, "Reference Materials in Isotope Geochemistry.")   We carry on those traditions, doing conventional isotopic analysis to follow packets of water in the ocean, to understand modern food webs and ecosystem dynamics, and to put together constructs of paleo environments.  Newer methods have been implemented and used in projects looking at paleo-elevation which has roles in plate techtonics and atmospheric circulation.

"call me Al"
  What we analyse
     13C and 15N in organic samples (bulk)
     18O and D/H in water
     13C in dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)
     13C and 18O in carbonates
     Clumped isotopes in CO2
What we do:

for facility users
     - training
     - starting supplies
     - standards
     - method development
     - help with samples
     - quality control

We also can do service work on samples, including limited sample preparation.

TCEA used for running 18O on phosphates
TCEA-for running 18O on phosphates
ChiSIR (light stable isotopes) Albert Colman's stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers were setup in 2010 (thanks Burt and Ian from Thermo, Brian and the rest of the U of C gang for getting the renovations done, and U of C and the NSF forfunding), and real samples were being run in early 2011.  Albert Colman has since moved to Rice, but the instruments are still here.
This is mainly set up to be a facility for use by the University of Chicago community, but is available for other users and limited service runs.

Acknowledgements:  The purchases of the major pieces of equipment, mass spectrometers and peripherals, were supported by NSF award #0923831.  "This award is funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-5)."  And many thanks to the U of C for the needed renovations and added support for the laboratory.

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