modelutil: Glossary

The timestep of the StateSet object. In units of time_units of the constituent State objects. Stored as an attribute of the StateSet object.
The same as "tendency" (quotes). This is the name more commonly given in the modeling literature for what in this package is called "tendency" (quotes).
When given in a proportional font, refers to the numarray array package. When given in a non-proportional font, refers to the numarray distribution by the Space Telescope Science Institute; this package includes the numarray array package and the ma masked array package.
Numerical Python. This refers to all packages in the distribution, including the Numeric array package and the MA masked array package.
The tendency (no quotes) in modeling parlance usually refers to the time derivative of a prognostic variable. In this package, the "tendency" (in quotes) refers to the actual tendency (time derivative) of any variable, multiplied by (usually) one timestep, and thus the "tendency" is the value to add to the current state to increment one timestep forward. A Field variable that is a single-timestep "tendency" has metadata attribute extra_meta.istend1 equal True. A State variable that holds single-timestep "tendency" variables has an id of "tend1".

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