modelutil: Module Listing

All modules in the package are listed below. Each module (besides __init__ and package_version) contains a single public function of the same name as the module. The columns contain the following:

  • Module Name: Module name and link to the source code.
  • Pydoc: Link to the HTML documentation produced from the module docstrings by the pydoc tool.
  • Depend: Notes if the module has package dependencies beyond built-in Python, Numpy, gemath, and other modelutil modules; if the module has no such dependencies, the column is filled with "None".
  • Description: Description of the public function in the module.

For a detailed description of the entire package, see the pydoc generated documentation for

Module Name Pydoc Depend Description HTML None Initialize package. HTML None Define class AtmConst of atmospheric constants. HTML None Defines Field and ExtraMeta classes for model variables and extra variable metadata. HTML None Defines GenericModel class for generic models. HTML None Package version information. HTML None Define State class for collections of Field objects. HTML None Define class StateSet for collections of State objects.
Module Name Pydoc Depend Description

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