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Package Distribution Structure and HTML Documentation Template


This page describes the distribution structure and HTML documentation templates for Python packages developed by ITR after March 2004. This page is written by Johnny Lin and is last updated March 24, 2004.

Distribution Structure

Packages distributions have the following directory structure:


All names of files and directories are as given above, except package_directory which is the name of the package distribution directory given by the author. Generally, it is made of the package name followed by a hyphen and the version number. For instance, atmqty- contains version of package atmqty.

Compiled source goes in /src, Python code in /lib, documentation (including pydoc HTML documentation) in /doc (imgs and style are for images and CSS files respectively), and test scripts in /test. Thus, install occurs by:

python install
via the distutils package.

HTML Documentation Templates

All HTML documentation (not created by pydoc) for the packages should be based upon the template.html and librootcsc.css HTML and CSS files below. This includes bug reports, examples, manuals, and other references.

A few notes about the templates:

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