Dorian AbbotAssociate Professor

Research Focus:
Climate, paleoclimate, ice, habitability, and exoplanets
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I have an undergraduate degree in physics (2004, Harvard) and a PhD in applied math (2008, Harvard). I came to the University of Chicago as a Chamberlin Fellow and stayed on as a faculty member.

Research Interests

I use mathematical and computational models to understand and explain fundamental problems in Earth and Planetary Sciences. I have worked on problems related to climate, paleoclimate, the cryosphere, planetary habitability, and exoplanets, but I'm always excited to think about new things. I work best with students who have strong mathematical skills that they want to apply to cool problems.

Selected Publications

  • Bloch-Johnson, J., R.T. Pierrehumbert, and D.S. Abbot (2015), Feedback Temperature Dependence Determines the Risk of High Warming, Geophysical Research Letters, 42(12), 4973-4980. PDF, Supplementary Material
  • Yang, J., N.B. Cowan, and D.S. Abbot (2013), Stabilizing Cloud Feedback Dramatically Expands the Habitable Zone of Tidally Locked Planets, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 771, L45. PDF, Supplementary Material
  • Abbot, D.S., A. Voigt, and D. Koll (2011), The Jormungand Global Climate State and Implications for Neoproterozoic Glaciations, Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, D18103. PDF


Code used in some of my publications can be found here.

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