Planetary geoscience at the University of Chicago

Graduate Student and Postdoc Opportunities

Graduate students interested in planetary science are encouraged to apply to admissions to the graduate program. For specific questions about the planetary geoscience group, please contact Edwin Kite. The University of Chicago provides expertise across all disciplines of planetary science, cosmochemistry, and exoplanets. Postdoc applicants should apply for the Chamberlin Fellowship typically announced in September for a start date the following summer. Applicants will be considered for other postdoc opportunities specific to our group.

Undergraduate Research

I am currently looking for undergraduates to assist in and lead Mars research both in the summer and during the academic year. Proficiency in a widely-used scientific programming language, such as MATLAB, is a prerequisite. Please contact Edwin Kite for more information. This opportunity is primarily for University of Chicago undergraduates; however, students from other universities may also be considered. Funding for international students to travel to Chicago for this work is available. (Update 27 May 2018: I am not looking for additional University of Chicago undergraduates for this calendar year).