Summary of 5 weeks of Heathrow protest coverage from GW News

July 29, 2007

As for aviation & GHGs:

  • 2007/07/27: NuncScio: Heathrow takes Queen, Prince Charles and 5 million others to court over climate change
  • 2007/07/25: Guardian(UK): Make your mark and ground the growth of aviation [Camp for Climate Action at Heathrow next month]
  • 2007/07/23: TreeHugger: Airline Industry's 'Risible' Attempt at Carbon Offsetting

    August 5, 2007

    As for aviation & GHGs:

  • 2007/08/02: OilChange: "Bullying" BAA Seeks "Mother of all Injunctions"
  • 2007/08/02: Guardian(UK): BAA denies seeking blanket ban on airport protest - Injunction request targets climate change activists
  • 2007/07/31: TreeHugger: Join Your Friends at [Heathrow] Camp for Climate Action
  • 2007/07/28: WaPo: U.S. Airlines Under Pressure To Fly Greener
  • 2007/07/26: GreenPeace(UK): Aviation industry takes five million people to court

    August 12, 2007

    The Plane Stupid protest at Heathrow is getting a lot of attention:

  • 2007/08/11: Guardian(UK): A climate of change - A rainbow coalition of angry residents, greens and a local MP will defy BAA to join next week's Heathrow camp
  • 2007/08/11: CDreams: Guardian(UK): Police To Use Terror Laws On Heathrow Climate Protesters - Government has encouraged use of stop and search and detention without charge
  • 2007/08/07: Guardian(UK): Because it is illegal, the climate camp is now also a protest for democracy
    The ban on next week's Heathrow demonstration will not deter us. It will only boost the profile and raise the stakes
  • 2007/08/07: TreeHugger: George Monbiot Going to [Heathrow] Climate Camp
  • 2007/08/07: ENN: Heathrow Airport Wins Injunction to Stop Environmental Protesters
  • 2007/08/06: BBC: BAA wins Heathrow protesters ban
    BAA has won a High Court ruling banning certain protesters from Heathrow during a week-long climate change camp. The injunction applies to Plane Stupid, which has a history of "direct action", and protesters from two other groups. But organisers say the ruling is a setback for the airport operator, as it originally sought bans against 15 groups, covering five million people.
  • 2007/08/06: GristMill: Protesters doth protest too much [BAA]

    August 19, 2007

    The Plane Stupid protest at Heathrow has mushroomed:

  • 2007/08/19: Guardian(UK): Police braced for nationwide climate protests [in support of Heathrow activists]
  • 2007/08/17: TruthOut: Climate Change Demonstrations Spread to Two More Airports [Biggin Hill & Farnborough]
  • 2007/08/17: Guardian(UK): Heathrow protesters glue themselves to government building
  • 2007/08/18: Guardian(UK): Attack of the baby eaters - Shameless exaggerations of the climate protesters' dastardly plans have left us baffled at the camp
  • 2007/08/17: ENN: British climate protesters set out target shortlist
  • 2007/08/16: WSWS: Britain: Police use anti-terror powers against [Heathrow] environmental protest
  • 2007/08/16: BBC: The protests at Heathrow Airport have been infiltrated by troublemakers who are "quite happy to break the law", a senior police officer has said
  • 2007/08/15: TreeHugger: Fun and Games at Camp for Climate Action
  • 2007/08/15: ArabNews: We Should All Be at Heathrow Protesting
  • 2007/08/15: Guardian(UK): Rules, rotas and revolutionary song at climate action camp
  • 2007/08/13: ABC(Au): Police eye climate change camp at London Heathrow
  • 2007/08/13: DeSmogBlog: Activists to Heathrow: "Go Fly A Kite!"
  • 2007/08/13: OilChange: Thousands Expected at Heathrow Climate Camp
  • 2007/08/13: CDreams: Guardian(UK): Heathrow Eco-Protesters Steal a March on Police
  • 2007/08/13: BBC: Airport protest gathers strength - More climate change campaigners are set to join protesters who have already set up a camp outside Heathrow airport.

    August 26, 2007

    The Plane Stupid Climate Camp is done; the news continues:

  • 2007/08/24: ZMag: Giving The Climate Camp A Good Telling Off! Guardian Environment Editor Lambasts the Heathrow Climate Camp's "Media Mismanagement"
  • 2007/08/21: Guardian(UK): Beneath Heathrow's pall of misery, a new political movement is born
  • 2007/08/21: EnergyBulletin: Climate camp's media mismanagement
  • 2007/08/21: Guardian(UK): Climate change protests spread for a day of disobedience
  • 2007/08/21: Stoat: Climate protests at Heathrow: why?
  • 2007/08/21: PlanetArk: Climate Protest Spreads to Sizewell Nuclear Plant
  • 2007/08/20: ABC(Au): Police converge on Heathrow climate change protest
  • 2007/08/20: OilChange: Six Hurt in [Heathrow/BAA] Climate Protest
  • 2007/08/20: Xinhuanet: Climate change protesters clash with police near Heathrow airport
  • 2007/08/19: Guardian(UK): Heathrow protesters clash with riot police
  • 2007/08/19: BBC: Climate change campaigners have been involved in minor scuffles with police as they targeted the offices of Heathrow Airport operator BAA