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Papers Submitted in Review or Revision

2016 Rowley, D.B., Forte, A. M., Rowan, C. J., Grand, S.P., Simmons, N., Kinematics and Dynamics of the East Pacific Rise Linked to Whole Mantle Convective Motions, Science Advance, (in review).

2016 Sare, R. and Rowley, D.B. Age dependence of seafloor subduction rates, Geology (in revision).

2016 Rowley, D. B. and Richter, F.M., (in revision), Why Does Earth Have Bimodal Topography? Geology.

2016 Peters, S., Rowley, D.B. (in review), Present-day elevations of shallow marine sediments record the global pulse of vertical lithospheric motion, Geology

2015 Moucha, R., and Rowley, D.B. (in review), Uncertainties in reconstructed positions: Implications for dynamic topography retrodictions, Geophysical Research Letters.


2016 Ingalls, M., Rowley, D.B., Currie, B.S., Li, S.Y., Ding L., Olack, G., and Colman, A., (in review), Paleocene-early Eocene high elevation of the Linzizong Arc implies large-scale subduction of continental crust during Himalayan collision, Nature Geosciences.


Photos of fieldtrips Eldorado Mountains with Calvin Miller (left), Montana and Yellowstone (top right), Death Valley (bottom center), and fieldwork in Linzhou/Penbo Tibet with Brian Currie, students and drivers)