Python Support

This page provides support for students and faculty using the Python based courseware in connection with courses taught at the Department of the Geophysical Sciences, and in connection with my textbooks on physics of climate and on exploring dynamical systems. The "sysadmin" referred to below is the person setting up the software on whatever computer will be running the courseware. If you, the user, are setting up the software to run on your own computer, then you are the "sysadmin" as well as the "user." Happy trails!

The current Python production versions are 2.6.1 and 3.0, both available from , Version 3.x of Python introduces significant changes in the language which break some backward compatibility. It is recommended that the reader stay with version 2.6 until it becomes absolutely necessary to migrate.

Python language references and tutorials:

Resources for the sysadmin

Resources for the user