Educational Activity

I've been told that not everything in all my courses is completely easy to understand. In reading a Borges essay on Joyce's Ulysses, I came across the following quote from Lope de Vega (who is talking about Gongora). I pass it on here, without either comment or implication...

"Be what it may, I will always esteem and adore the divine genius of this Gentleman, taking from him what I understand with humility and admiring with veneration what I am unable to understand"

Of course, all research work involves a substantial educational component, for the faculty as well as for students. This page lists the more formal and organized educational activities in which I am taking part. 

Help with computer issues:

Many of my educational activities, including courses and textbooks, make use of the Python programming language. A Python support page customized for students and faculty using the courseware can be found here.

Graduate and Undergraduate Courses