Angie BoysenPostdoctoral Scholar

Research Focus:
Chemical oceanography, marine microbiology, organic geochemistry
Hinds 331


I am a postdoc working with Jake Waldbauer to understand the physiological and ecological consequences of organic nitrogen uptake by marine cyanobacteria primary producers. I recieved my PhD in Chemical Oceanography in 2020 from the University of Washington, working in the lab of Dr. Anitra Ingalls. I recieved my BS in Chemistry from Stanford University in 2011. 

Research Interests:

My research focuses on understanding the important roles that microbes play in controlling the ocean biogeochemical cycles. I approach this topic by making measurements of small organic molecules that microbes use and produce and by measuring the proteins that those organisms make.

Selected Publications:

Angela K. Boysen; Carlson, L.T.; Aylward, F.; Durham, B.P.; Groussman, R.; Ribalet, F.; K.R. Heal; White, A.E.; DeLong, E.; Armbrust, E.V.; Ingalls, A.E., Particulate Metabolites and Transcripts Reflect Diel Oscillations of Microbial Activity in the Surface Ocean. Accepted in mSystems. Preprint on bioRxiv. doi: 10.1101/2020.05.09.086173

Katherine R. Heal, Durham, B.P; Boysen, A.K.; Carlson, L.T.; Qin, W.; Ribalet, F.; White, A.E.; Bundy, R.M.; Armbrust, E.V.; Ingalls, A.E.  Marine community metabolomes carry fingerprints of phytoplankton community composition. Accepted in mSystems. Preprint on bioRxiv. doi: 10.1101/2020.12.22.424086

 Bryndan Durham; Boysen, A.K.; Carlson, L.T.; Groussman, R.; Heal, K.R.; Cain, K.; Morales, R.; Coesel, S.; Morris, R.; Ingalls, A.; Armbrust, E.V. (2019) Sulfonate-based networks between eukaryotic phytoplankton and heterotrophic bacteria in the surface ocean. Nature Microbiology, 1-10.

Angela K. Boysen*; Katherine Heal*; Carlson, L.T.; Ingalls, A.E. (2018) Best-Matched Internal Standard Normalization in Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry Metabolomics Applied to Environmental Samples. Analytical chemistry, 90 (2), 1363-1369.