Alice MarzocchiPostdoctoral Scholar

Research Focus:
Ocean and atmosphere dynamics, (paleo)climate
Hinds 479


BSc Environmental Sciences (University of Bologna, Italy), MSc Oceanography (University of Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, UK), PhD Climate Modelling (University of Bristol, UK)

Research Interests

My research interests span a diverse range of topics related to (paleo)climate dynamics, physical oceanography and numerical modelling. I have worked with high resolution ocean-only models and with fully coupled ocean-atmosphere-vegetation models, focusing on ocean circulation in the North Atlantic subpolar gyre and on the global impact of orbital forcing on late Miocene climate (11-5 million years ago). This included the analysis of monsoon dynamics, hydrologic changes in the Mediterranen Sea, model-data comparisons and interpretation of geological archives. My current research focus is on understanding changes in deep ocean circulation between the present day and the Last Glacial Maximum and the links with atmospheric carbon storage during glacial spells, using both theoretical arguments and idealized numerical simulations.

Selected Publications

Marzocchi, A., Jansen, M.F., 2017. Connecting Antarctic sea ice to deep-ocean circulation in modern and glacial climate simulationsGeophysical Research Letters, 44(12), pp.6286-6295.

Marzocchi, A., Flecker, R., van Baak, C., Lunt, D.J., Krijgsman, W., 2016. Mediterranean outflow pump: An alternative mechanism for the Lago-mare and the end of the Messinian Salinity CrisisGeologyv. 44 no. 7 p. 523-526.

Marzocchi, A., Lunt, D.J., Flecker, R., Bradshaw, C.D., Farnsworth, A. and Hilgen, F.J., 2015. Orbital control on late Miocene climate and the North African monsoon: insight from an ensemble of sub-precessional simulationsClimate of the Past11(10), pp.1271-1295.

Marzocchi, A., Hirschi, J.J-M., Holliday, N.P., Cunningham, S.A., Blaker, A.T. and Coward, A.C., 2015. The North Atlantic subpolar circulation in an eddy-resolving global ocean modelJournal of Marine Systems142, pp.126-143.