Andrea SalazarUndergraduate

Research Focus:
Habitability, Exoplanets

About me:

I am a fourth year undergraduate physics major, and my research interests include habitability, exoplanet climate, and the carbon cycle. I enjoy using computational methods (from 3D GCMs to simple box models) to explore what climates on other planets could look like. I am especially interested in tidally locked exoplanets orbiting red dwarfs. 


Checlair, J. H., Salazar, A.M., Paradise, A., Menou, K., & Abbot, D. S. (2019). No Snowball Cycles at the Outer Edge of the Habitable Zone for Habitable Tidally Locked Planets. The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 887(1), L3. 

Salazar A.M, Olson S.L., Komacek T., Stephens H., Abbot D.S. (2020) The Effect of Substellar Continent Size on the Ocean Dynamics of Proxima Centauri b. Astrophysical Journal Letters, accepted.