Caitlin MeadowsGraduate Student

Research Focus:
Biotic response to past climate change
Hinds 221

Research Interests

Using paleoclimatic modeling, geologic analysis, and ecological modeling, I propose, for my dissertation research, to investigate changes in ecological structure and biological processes of marine invertebrates, during periods of climate change. I am currently focusing on changes in the Arctic and Sub Arctic oceans, because of their profound changes in temperature, seasonal variability, ice cover, and ocean chemistry.

Courses TAed

  • PHSC 11000 Environmental History of the Earth
  • GEOS 13100 Physical Geology

Selected Publications

  • Meadows CA, Fordyce RE, and Baumiller, TK, 2015. Drill holes in the irregular echinoid, Fibularia, from the Oligocene of New Zealand. Submitted to Palaios.