Dan RazionaleResearch Analyst

Research Focus:
Sedimentary redox geochemistry, trace metal cycling, paleoceanography
Hinds 379


  • Joined the University of Chicago in 2019
  • B.Sc. in Marine Geophysics from Eckerd College

Research Interests
I have a large interest in long-lasting preservation potential of extreme environmental events in the sedimentary record, and how we can elucidate information about these events via environmental proxies (i.e. stable isotope ratios) and evolving techniques in analytical geochemistry. Previous research examines sedimentary trace metal and redox data to gauge preservation kinetics of petroleum blowout e vents in the geologic record. At the University of Chicago, I am responsible for the operation of ICP-MS instruments and other analytical equipment for geochemical research projects.

Selected Publications
David W. Hastings, Thea Bartlett, Gregg R. Brooks, Rebekka A. Larson, Kelly A. Quinn, Daniel Razionale, Patrick T. Schwing, Libia Hascibe Pérez Bernal, Ana Carolina Ruiz-Fernández, Joan-Albert Sánchez-Cabeza and David J. Hollander (2020). Changes in Redox Conditions of Surface Sediments Following the Deepwater Horizon and Ixtoc 1 Events. Deep Oil Spills: Facts, Fate, and Effects. S. A. Murawski, C. H. Ainsworth, S. Gilbert et al. Cham, Springer International Publishing: 269-284.