Dan RazionaleResearch Analyst

Research Focus:
Stable isotope geochemistry
Hinds 379


  • Joined the University of Chicago in 2019
  • B.Sc. in Marine Geophysics from Eckerd College

Research Interests

I am currently interested in the application of stable isotopes (e.g. calcium and magnesium isotope ratios) and other proxies to understand how various diagenetic processes alter primary geochemical signals in marine carbonates. As sensitive recorders of seawater chemistry, these materials host a suite of geochemical data that inform questions on global carbon cycle changes and ocean chemistry through time. Recent advancements in analytical capabilities allow for critical reassessments of canonical geochemical signals and facilitate the development of new techniques for classic archives. Of particular interest for future work is the study of the foraminiferal calcite archive. How does diagenesis impact the ability of foraminifera to preserve primary geochemical signals, and how can stable isotope data inform, or perhaps strengthen, their fidelity as an archive of seawater chemistry? At the University of Chicago, I have helped establish and maintain a class-1000 clean laboratory, home to an automated chromatography system (Thermo ICS-6000), a single-quadrupole ICP-MS (iCAP Q) and a Neptune XT multi-collector (MC-) ICP-MS which allow us to generate high-throughput stable isotope data that could help to address questions like these. Currently, we have established methods for the analysis of stable isotopes of Ca and Mg; we are actively developing a method for S isotopes and are poised to begin development on a method for stable B isotope measurements in the near future.

Selected Publications

  • Dan Razionale, Roger Bryant, Clara Blättler. Increased sensitivity on high-throughput calcium isotope measurements by MC-ICP-MS. Manuscript in preparation.
  • David W. Hastings, Thea Bartlett, Gregg R. Brooks, Rebekka A. Larson, Kelly A. Quinn, Daniel Razionale, Patrick T. Schwing, Libia Hascibe Pérez Bernal, Ana Carolina Ruiz-Fernández, Joan-Albert Sánchez-Cabeza and David J. Hollander (2020). Changes in Redox Conditions of Surface Sediments Following the Deepwater Horizon and Ixtoc 1 Events. Deep Oil Spills: Facts, Fate, and Effects. S. A. Murawski, C. H. Ainsworth, S. Gilbert et al. Cham, Springer International Publishing: 269-284.