Dylan GaetaGraduate Student

Research Focus:
Atmospheric Transport, Cloud Dynamics
Hinds 429

Research Interests

I'm interested in the chemical and dynamical processes that determine the chemical composition of Earth's atmosphere. In particular, I'm interested in the behavior of clouds:

  1. How they affect Earth's atmospheric circulation (e.g. dynamics forced by latent heat release)
  2. How they affect the spatiotemporal distribution of chemical species in the atmosphere (e.g. overshooting deep convection)
  3. How they affect the radiative budget of Earth's atmosphere (e.g. response of local radiation budget to spatial variations in cloud distribution) 


  • B.S. Applied Mathematics -- University of Rochester (2016)
  • B.A. Chemistry -- University of Rochester (2016)
  • Ronald E. McNair Scholar  -- University of Rochester (2013 - 2016)

TA'ed courses

  • Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast (GEOS 23400)
  • Energy: Science, Technology, and Human Usage (GEOS 24750)
  • Natural Hazards (PHSC 13600)
  • Earth as a Planet: Exploring our Place in the Universe (PHSC 10800)


  • H2O is my favorite molecule, but D-Luciferin is a close second
  • I grew up in Jamestown, New York
  • I took my first airplane flight when I was 21 years old; mid-flight I decided to become an atmospheric scientist