Alfred (Fred) AndersonProfessor, Emeritus

Research Focus:
Geology, volcanology, igneous petrology
(773) 702-8138
Hinds 311

Research Interests

I am stymied to explain the stratigraphic variations found in some large-volume silicic pyroclastic deposits such as the Bishop Tuff, California.  I use melt (now glass) inclusions in quartz phenocrysts to assess the depth and amount of exsolved gas in the preeruptive magma.

I have used melt inclusions to assess the roles of volatiles and of magma mixing in a wide range of magmas.

Selected Publications

  • Anderson, A.T., Davis, A.M. and Lu, F., 2000, Evolution of Bishop Tuff Rhyolitic Magma Based on Melt and Magnetite Inclusions and Zoned Phenocrysts. J. Petrology, 41, 449 -  473.
  • Anderson, A.T. Jr. (1991) Hourglass inclusions: Theory and application to the Bishop Rhyolitic Tuff. Am. Mineral. 76:530-547.
  • Liu, Y., Anderson, A.T., Jr., Wilson, C.J.N. (2007) Melt pockets in phenocrysts and ascent rates of silicic magmas. J. Geophys. Res. - Solid Earth, 112, B06204,  doi:10.1029/2006JB004500.