Justin HuPostdoctoral Scholar

Research Focus:
Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry, REEs
Hinds 581


My research interest is focused on application of isotope geochemistry and cosmochemistry to 1) studying the evolution of the early solar system, 2) understanding formation and differentiation of planetary bodies, 3) tracking the irradiation and impact processes on planetary surfaces, and 4) unraveling the redox change throughout Earth's history. My research approach is primarily a combination of high-precision isotope analysis using MC-ICPMS and quantitative modeling. I achieve high precision measurements of isotopic compositions by developing and refining analytical methods, developing models based on thermodynamics, diffusion/advection theories, and Monte Carlo method etc. to provide quantitative understanding of isotope data.

Pronouns: He/him

Research Interests

Isotope geo/cosmochemistry, early solar system evolution, REE geochemistry, volatility-controlled processes, paleoredox proxies, lunar regolith gardening, refractory inclusions, nuclear resonance scattering, cosmic ray exposure effects, NRIXS, double-spike approach, chromatography, MC-ICPMS