Predrag PopovicGraduate Student

Research Focus:
sea ice, pattern formation, universality, complexity
Hinds 459


I completed my undergraduate and Master's education at the Department of Physics at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. There, working with Djordje Spasojević and Alberto Petri, I got interested in the physics of phase transitions. In studying this subject, I became fascinated with the widespread universality in nature, that is, how widely dissimiar systems can show similar behavior. Currently, under the supervision of Dorian Abbot and Mary Silber, I am trying to create simple models to understand the patterns of Arctic sea ice melt ponds. In particular, currently I am applying percolation theory to understand melt pond geometry. I have been awarded a NASA NESSF fellowship to develop this project. I am also interested in any problem in science where simple mathematical ideas can provide an intuitive insight.


P. Popović and D. Abbot (2017), "A simple model for the evolution of melt pond coverage on permeable Arctic sea ice." The Cryosphere11(3), 1149. (PDF)

P. Popović, B. B. Cael, M. Silber, and D. S. Abbot (2018), "Simple rules govern the patterns of Arctic sea ice melt ponds." Physical Review Letters120(14), 148701. (PDF)

D.S. Abbot, J. Bloch-Johnson, J. Checlair, N.X. Farahat, RJ Graham, D. Plotkin, P. Popović, F. Spaulding-Astudillo (2018), "Decrease in hysteresis of planetary climate for planets with long solar days." The Astrophysical Journal854(1), 3. (PDF)