Rachel LakerGraduate Student

Research Focus:
Taphonomy, Biogeochemistry, Paleontology, Isotope Geochemistry
Hinds 225


I am a geology-trained paleontologist whose recent interests surround
the chemical alteration of terrestrial vertebrate remains and how variations in
preservation can influence the accuracy of light isotopic data. My past research
experiences include using Raman spectroscopy to understand bone flexibility in
modern Chiropterans, using ichnological assemblages as a viewpoint to clarify
ambiguous sequence stratigraphic interpretations, and employing paleo insect
herbivory traces to measure atmospheric carbon dioxide levels surrounding the
PETM. I completed my MS from the University of Wyoming under the guidance of
Dr. Mark Clementz, and earned a BS from Miami University of Ohio under the
advisement of Dr. Brian Currie and Dr. Ellen Currano.

Selected publications