Evaluation 51 by Anon (session_user_id: e4d69ea783f02aa97787efb74b5c8fcf10bf488e)

What is your overall decision about this article?  
Are the selection criteria for the stations well explained?   Or, if this project does not have to do with time series met. stations, are the premises of the project well thought out and explained?  Is it a topic of special interest?  (It doesn't have to be, but if it is, say so).  
The selection criteria for the selected stations are obvious but not explained. The peer has a special interest in the topic.
Are the conclusions of the report quantitatively supported by the data?  
The conclusion is supported by the data extracted, but I was not able to reproduce the data from the stations and the AR5 Model CCSM4.
Are the data stations well quality-controlled? 
Well the data is hard to be controlled, as their are only two stations. The Problem is, that both stations do not supply data in the same time range, this makes it hard to control both data with each other.