Evaluation 304 by Anon (session_user_id: 0dba225813b04c0fe36f34b1f6106e89d5923b42)

What is your overall decision about this article?  
Are the selection criteria for the stations well explained?   Or, if this project does not have to do with time series met. stations, are the premises of the project well thought out and explained?  Is it a topic of special interest?  (It doesn't have to be, but if it is, say so).  
The topic is of special interest to the student because they live in the region examined in the assignment; the Mediterranean. They are directly experiencing local weather changes and seeks identify the regional temperature trends using the meteorological weather station temp. data. The criteria for the selection of the weather stations is well explained.
Are the conclusions of the report quantitatively supported by the data?  
Since the url resulted in a display of 72 stations (the map window does state that there are 165 selected however) I could not verify all of the conclusions. The overall trend of a 0.20 C˚ increase for 72 stations for the time period of 1950-2013 is supported by the Climate Time Series Browser results I obtain using the url.
Are the data stations well quality-controlled? 
1) The data stations are quality controlled in that they are all from the geographic region studied in the assignment, they are distributed geographically and in that they a time series temp. data that can provide a meaningful trend. 2)The url produces a result in the Climate Time Series Browser that matches the students sampling of 165 stations in the Mediterranean region. However, the average 0.20 C˚ increase in the average temperature seems to only include 72 stations in the composite. Perhaps some clarification could be included or explanation of why the browser displays a different number of stations.