Evaluation 1085 by Anon (session_user_id: 6f4268d3a7ef3d573e20810df312445401b93da9)

What is your overall decision about this article?  
Are the selection criteria for the stations well explained?   Or, if this project does not have to do with time series met. stations, are the premises of the project well thought out and explained?  Is it a topic of special interest?  (It doesn't have to be, but if it is, say so).  
The author expressed an interest in the area studied because of the potential impact on his/her home. The selection criteria are well explained.
Are the conclusions of the report quantitatively supported by the data?  
Yes. And the author does not rely only on the data from selected stations. Additional information sources such as the AR5 model and class lectures to support the idea that no definite conclusion can be reached at this time.
Are the data stations well quality-controlled? 
It looks like some of the stations have some gaps but over all, it looks like pretty good coverage from 1950 to present.