Evaluation 1199 by Anon (session_user_id: 8fbf61c009a8f7d6db9e64c7d7843f69f38e1913)

What is your overall decision about this article?  
Are the selection criteria for the stations well explained?   Or, if this project does not have to do with time series met. stations, are the premises of the project well thought out and explained?  Is it a topic of special interest?  (It doesn't have to be, but if it is, say so).  
Yes, selection criteria and aim of the project are very well explained
Are the conclusions of the report quantitatively supported by the data?  
Yes they are supported. Overall a very clear and simply presented analysis. The best of the five I evaluated
Are the data stations well quality-controlled? 
Yes, quality control is good. Would have been nice for spreadsheet to have more information as to exactly what was being calculated (particularly middle set of columns just to right of red text columns)