GEOS 13100: Physical Geology
University of Chicago, Fall 2016

Course Description
This course introduces plate tectonics; the geologic cycle; and the internal and surface processes that make minerals and rocks, as well as that shape the scenery.

Tu, Th 10:30-11:50
HGS 184

Andrew Campbell
Hinds 521; (773) 834-1085
Office hours by appointment

Tu 3:00-5:00 or We 3:00-5:00
HGS 430

Teaching Assistant
Caitlin Meadows
Hinds 221
Office hours We 11:00-1:00


Teaching Assistant
Miquela Ingalls
Hinds 477
Office hours Mo 1:00-3:00

Class Website
The syllabus and other class materials will be posted on Chalk.

Earth: Portrait of a Planet, by Stephen Marshak (ISBN 978-0393937503)
The 5th edition of this book is stocked at the bookstore, and reading assignments will be made assuming this version. However, the 3rd or 4th editions will in most cases serve as an adequate substitute.

Course Schedule
The course will approximately follow the structure of the textbook. Changes to the schedule will be announced in class and posted on the class website.

Week 1, 9/26-9/30:
Radiometric dating; Cosmochemistry and Earth's structure (Chapters 1-2)

Week 2, 10/3-10/7:
Earth's interior dynamics and Plate tectonics (Chapters 3-4)

Week 3, 10/10-10/14:
Minerals and Rocks (Chapters 5-6)

Week 4, 10/17-10/21:
Rocks and petrology (Chapters 6-8)

Week 5, 10/24-10/28:
Midterm exam; Volcanoes (Chapter 9)

Week 6, 10/31-11/4:
Earthquakes; Deformation of Earth's crust (Chapters 10-11)

Weeks 7-8, 11/7-11/18:
Stratigraphy and geologic principles; Economic geology (Chapters 12, 14-15)

Weeks 9-10, 11/21-11/30:
Streams and groundwater (Chapters 17, 19)

Final exam: Tuesday, December 6, 10:30-12:30

Midterm exam
Final exam