GEOS 21200/31200: Physics of the Earth
University of Chicago, Spring 2014

Course Description
This course considers geophysical evidence bearing on the internal makeup and dynamical behavior of the Earth, including seismology (i.e., properties of elastic waves and their interpretation, and internal structure of the Earth); mechanics of rock deformation (i.e., elastic properties, creep and flow of rocks, faulting, earthquakes); gravity (i.e., geoid, isostasy); geomagnetism (i.e., magnetic properties of rocks and history, origin of the magnetic field); heat flow (i.e., temperature within the Earth, sources of heat, thermal history of the Earth); and plate tectonics and the maintenance of plate motions.

Tu, Th 10:30-12:10
HGS 184

Andrew Campbell
Hinds 521; (773) 834-1085
Office hours Thu 1:30-2:30
Teaching Assistant
Rebecca Fischer
HGS 525
Office hours Mon 10-11, Wed 11-12

Class Website
The syllabus and other class materials will be posted on Chalk.

There is no required textbook for this course. The following texts are good references for the material that will be covered:
Physics of the Earth, by F. D. Stacey and P. M. Davis.
Geodynamics, by D. L. Turcotte and G. Schubert.
The Solid Earth, by C. M. R. Fowler.
Older (or newer) editions of these book would sometimes also be useful.


Midterm exam
Final exam

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