GEOS 31500: Mineral Physics
University of Chicago, Winter 2015

Course Description
The application of physics at the microscopic level to geologic and geophysical problems. Topics: vibrational, electric and transport properties of minerals. Prereq: 2 yrs. math beyond calculus; 1 year physical chemistry or 1 year of both physics and chemistry; general geology, general geophysics and mineralogy, petrology or equivalent.

Tu, Th 3:00-4:20
HGS 461

Andrew Campbell
Hinds 521; (773) 834-1085
Dion Heinz
HGS 541; (773) 702-3046

Class Website
The syllabus and other class materials will be posted on Chalk.

Sadly, there is no great textbook for this course. The Girifalco text below is recommended for its treatment of solids, and the Poirier book is useful for giving this material an Earth Science emphasis. Additional material has been and will be made available on Chalk.

    Statistical Mechanics of Solids, by L. A. Girifalco (ISBN 0195167171). The library offers electronic access to this title.
Introduction to the Physics of the Earth's Interior, by J. P. Poirier (ISBN 052166392X).

Course Outline
Thermodynamics, briefly
High pressure mineralogy
Equations of state
Harmonic vibrations in solids
Debye model
Defect properties

Learn by doing. Grades will be based on the assignments.