Kellie Swadba
Graduate Student
Phone: (908) 872-6264
Office: Hinds 525

CV in PDF format

Research interests:

I am interested in the high pressure and temperature behavior of materials relevant to the Earth's interior.


Graduate Student University of Chicago (Geophysical Sciences)
A.B. Princeton University 2017 (Geosciences)


[2018] Visiting Student, University of Chicago
[2017-2018] Research Specialist I, Princeton University

Conference Presentations:

[2016] Poster presentation at the AGU Fall Meeting
Swadba, K. E., C. Stan, R. Dutta, V. Prakapenka, and T. S. Duffy, "High-pressure behavior of diflourides: The case of SrF2," abstract MR13A-2401


[2018] McCormick Fellowship, University of Chicago
[2017] Sigma Xi Senior Thesis Book Award, Princeton University
[2017] High Honors, Department of Geosciences, Princeton University