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In 2022, students are eligible to apply for a graduate traineeship program in Data Science in Energy and Environmental Research.

Suggested Courses in other Departments

Some students have found the following courses helpful in their Ph.D. study.


  • 20000-20100 This analysis sequence is designed for students intending to major in the physical sciences
  • 22000 Statistical Methods and Their Applications


  • 33000. Mathematical Methods of Physics. Topics include complex analysis, linear algebra, differential equations, boundary value problems, and special functions.


  • 26100 Quantum Mechanics
  • 26200 Thermodynamics
  • 26300 Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics
  • 26800 Computational Chemistry and Biology


  • 22000 Stat Methods and Applications
  • 33560 Chaos and Predictability 
  • 33600 Time Dependent Data


  • BIOS 23404 Reconstructing the Tree of Life: An Introduction to Phylogenetics
  • Scientific Illustration


  • ENGL 33000 Academic and Professional Writing (The Little Red Schoolhouse)