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  • Professor Emeritus MacAyeal gives insight on Ruth Duckworth Art Piece

    February 15, 2024

    "The creation of the Henry Hinds Laboratory in the mid-’60s was one visible effort toward this unification: an entryway that forced the perspective of unified earth sciences. Duckworth’s involvement was initiated by the newly formed department’s chair, mineralogist Julian Goldsmith, SB’40, PhD’47. "

  • A climate-model test for the impact hypothesis for trigger for Snowball Earth

    February 11, 2024

    During Snowball Earth events, our planet was almost entirely covered by ice, but the trigger for this is unknown. Working with colleagues at Yale University and the University of Vienna, Associate Professor Dorian Abbot has published the most sophisticated test yet for the extraterrestrial impact hypothesis.  Abbot writes, "We found that a Chicxulub-style impact can push Earth into a Snowball by kicking massive amounts of sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere, a gargantuan version of [some] geoengineering proposals, similar to what happened in the movie Snowpiercer. Crucially, this only works if the planet, in particular the deep ocean, is already cold like during the Last Glacial Maximum. If the planet is warm, as it is today, there is enough heat stored in the deep ocean to prevent it from going into a Snowball during the few decades when the cooling would be strong after an impact."

  • Prof. Tiffany Shaw quoted in Atlantic article “Prepare for a ‘Gray Swan’ Climate”

    January 22, 2024

    In Atlantic article "Prepare for a ‘Gray Swan’ Climate", Prof. Tiffany Shaw gives insight on gray swan events and their impact on how we look at climate change.