Debarun MukherjeeGraduate Student

Research Focus:
Isotope Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry
Hinds 581

Research Interests

Chemistry of any natural object: meteorites, asteroids, comets, terrestrial rocks


I have a decent understanding of high temperature processes and I love to use chemistry to unravel the mysteries that lay buried in meteorites, asteroids, and exotic Igneous rocks like Carbonatites or Nephelinites. I am trying to reconcile geology with other basic sciences by using tools of Chemistry and Math. I use mass spectrometers (ICP, TIMS), synchrotron beam and electron micro probes and microscopes for my research.  

Selected Publications

     Mukherjee, D. and Ray, D., 2023. “A petrographic and electron microscopic evaluation of Carbonaceous Chondrite: LON 94101”. Abstract in Indian Planetary Science Conference 2023, PRL Ahmedabad. 

     Mukherjee D., Ray A*., Paul D.K., Chakraborty K., Thakkar M. and Chouhan G., 2022. “Petrology and geochemistry of Bhanjada Bet Phonolites, Kutch, Gujarat in Western deccan Province: Possibility of a mantle derived primary phonolite magma.”, Journal of Earth System Science, Springer, v.131(4) 213. 

     Banerjee, S., Mukherjee D*., Das S., Ray A. and Acharya T., 2022. Geochemistry of the Syenites, Pyroxenites and Carbonatites from the South Puruliya Shear Zone, West Bengal, eastern India- exploring the role of fluids in concentrating La, Ce, Nb and other REEs. Conference abstract in Session: V008. Magmatic and hydrothermal ore systems: mineral resources for carbon neutrality, AGU Fall Meeting 2022