Jacob WaldbauerNeubauer Family Associate Professor

Research Focus:
Biogeochemistry, microbiology
(773) 702-8322
Hinds 369

Selected Publications

  • Luxem, K. E., Kraepiel, A. M., Zhang, L., Waldbauer, J. R., & Zhang, X. (2020). Carbon substrate re‐orders relative growth of a bacterium using Mo‐, V‐, or Fe‐nitrogenase for nitrogen fixation. Environmental Microbiology, 22(4), 1397-1408. link

  • Zimmerman, A. E., Howard-Varona, C., Needham, D. M., John, S. G., Worden, A. Z., Sullivan, M. B., ... & Coleman, M. L. (2019). Metabolic and biogeochemical consequences of viral infection in aquatic ecosystems. Nature Reviews Microbiology, 1-14. link

  • Waldbauer, J. R., Coleman, M. L., Rizzo, A. I., Campbell, K. L., Lotus, J., & Zhang, L. (2019). Nitrogen sourcing during viral infection of marine cyanobacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(31), 15590-15595. link