Freya ChenGraduate Student

Research Focus:
Seismology and Glaciology
Hinds 337


B.S., Atmospheric Science, National Taiwan University, 2021

Research Assistant with Professor Yunung Nina Lin at Institute of Earth Science, Academia Sinica Taiwan

Research Interests

I am interested in seismic signals that are not induced by earthquakes, but by fluid and solid earth interaction, for example, atmospheric disturbance, pressure change, oceanic waves, fluvial process, or even magma movement in volcanoes or landslides, or glacial process. I believe those signals can help us uncover the complex relationship among solid earth, atmosphere, ocean, and ice. 

Selected Publications

Jui‐Chun Freya Chen, Wu‐Cheng Chi, Chu‐Fang Yang; Seismically Derived Ground Tilts Related to the 2010 Chilean Tsunami.  Seismological Research Letters 2021;; 92 (4): 2172–2181.  doi: