Michael PellinProfessor (Part Time)

Research Focus:
Materials science, geochemistry
(630) 252-3510
Hinds 113

Selected Publications

  • Zinovev, Alexander V., et al. "High-mass heterogeneous cluster formation by ion bombardment of the ternary alloy Au7Cu5Al4." Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B 34.3 (2016): 03H108.
  • Pellin, M. J., et al. "MeV per nucleon ion irradiation of nuclear materials with high energy synchrotron X-ray characterization." Journal of Nuclear Materials 471 (2016): 266-271.
  • Yun, Di, et al. "Characterization of high energy Xe ion irradiation effects in single crystal molybdenum with depth-resolved synchrotron microbeam diffraction." Journal of Nuclear Materials 471 (2016): 272-279.