Philipp HeckProfessor (Part Time)

Research Focus:

Research Interests

Prof. Heck’s research interests include meteorites and their components (in particular presolar grains and CAIs), micrometeorites, and cosmic dust. Heck and his collaborators study these sample with the following techniques: noble gas mass spectrometry, atom-probe tomography, SIMS, NanoSIMS, SEM, FIB-SEM, Raman spectroscopy, Q-LA-ICPMS, and uCT. Heck currently teaches the accretion of extraterrestrial matter to Earth, research and reading. Heck curates the meteorite, rock and mineral collection at the Field Museum of Natural History

Selected Publications

  • Yang X., Hanna R. D., Davis A. M., Neander A. I., Heck P. R. (2022) A record of post-accretion asteroid surface mixing preserved in the Aguas Zarcas meteorite. Nature Astronomy 6, 1051–1058. link

  • Heck, P. R., Greer, J., Kööp, L., Trappitsch, R., Gyngard, F., Busemann, H., ... & Wieler, R. (2020). Lifetimes of interstellar dust from cosmic ray exposure ages of presolar silicon carbide. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(4), 1884-1889. link

  • Schmitz, B., Feist, R., Meier, M. M., Martin, E., Heck, P. R., Lenaz, D., ... & Terfelt, F. (2019). The micrometeorite flux to Earth during the Frasnian–Famennian transition reconstructed in the Coumiac GSSP section, France. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 522, 234-243. link