Yaoxuan ZengGraduate Student

Research Focus:
Planetary Science, Physical Oceanography
Hinds 433


BS, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Peking University, 2020.
Research Assistant with Professor Jun Yang at AOS, Peking University, 2020-2021.


Yaoxuan Zeng, and Malte F. Jansen: The effect of salinity on ocean circulation and ice- ocean interaction on Enceladus, The Planetary Science Journal 5, no. 1 (2024): 13

Malte F. Jansen, Wanying Kang, Edwin Kite, and Yaoxuan Zeng: Energetic constraints on ocean circulation of icy ocean worlds, The Planetary Science Journal 4, no. 6 (2023): 117.

Yaoxuan Zeng, and Malte F. Jansen: Ocean Circulation on Enceladus with a High- versus Low-salinity Ocean, The Planetary Science Journal, 2021, 2, 4, doi:10.3847/PSJ/ac1114

Yaoxuan Zeng, and Jun Yang: Oceanic Superrotation on Tidally Locked Planets, The Astrophysical Journal, 2021, 909, 172.

Jun Yang, Weiwen Ji, and Yaoxuan Zeng: Transition from Eyeball to Snowball Driven by Sea-ice Drift on Tidally Locked Terrestrial Planets, Nature Astronomy, 2020, 4, 58-66.