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The University of Chicago FIB-SEM Center

FIB-SEM sign up calendar, "SEM sign up", and wet lab calendar, "upstairs".  Please sign up for time--use the "Google" button at the bottom right of the calendar.  Make sure to select the SEM calendar when you create an SEM event, otherwise it may just end up on your calendar.  Refresh this page to get the latest postings.  If you can not make it, please remove your sign up.  Also, you are welcome to "walk on" if the instrument is free--but please sign up on web calendar. We do not want to have other users sign up for time in the middle of your run. Please use the comment section to note exact SEM usage times and comments.  Also note room # for "upstairs" and if anyone else in the lab.
Note: you'll need to be a registered user before you will be able to sign up for time. IF "upstairs"  does not show, you should still be able to log in to your Google calendar account and add times.
To transfer data to youself:
U of C Outlook or U of C Gmail; U of C Google Apps, e.g Drive; U of Chicago Box
Click her for .zip file for SEM, FIB, and EDS notes; Cameca std. image, values, & cards;  U of C Classes (Canvas)
"call me Al" Please wash your hands before/after using equipment--thanks.  Sink in back corner of lab, trash can in hallway.