Mark Webster
Undergraduate Courses
PHSC 11000: Environmental History of the Earth.
GEOS 26300: Invertebrate Paleobiology and Evolution (with field trip).
GEOS 28001: Field Course in Geology.

Graduate Courses
GEOS 36000: Morphometrics.
GEOS 36200: Evolution and the Fossil Record.
GEOS 36900: Topics in Paleontology.

Current Graduate Students
Reuben Ng (2019-present)
Matt Witte (2016-present)

Former Graduate Students
Rhiannon LaVine. Ph. D. 2020. The role of developmental constraints in shaping macroevolutionary patterns of disparity in agnostine arthropods.
Brayden Pittsenbarger. M.Sc. 2016. Testing for correlation of novelty and functional innovation: the role of paired fins on morphological diversification in stem gnathostomes.
Joe Walkowicz. M.Sc. 2014. Patterns of morphological diversity and selectivity in extinctions of marine invertebrates.
Tyler Mason. M.Sc. 2010. Crushing strength of modeled Cambrian trilobite thoracic segments.
Annat Haber. Ph.D. 2010. Morphological integration in the ruminant skull: macroevolutionary aspects.
Melanie Hopkins. Ph.D. 2010. Species-level variation, its geographic structure, and the relationship between variation and duration, with examples from Cambrian trilobites and fiddler crabs.

Former Postdoctoral Researchers
Rob Swisher (2015-2018)

Former Visiting Ph.D Students Supervised
Mónica Angulo-Bedoya (2019-2020), visiting Fulbright Scholar, Universidad EAFIT, Medellín, Colombia