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    We are the University of Chicago Department of the Geophysical Sciences. We study the history, interior, and exterior of Earth and other planets.

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    Our world-class scientists are fascinated with the natural processes that shape our world and cultivate the skills it takes to study them.

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    From wave tanks to mass spectrometers, our department's laboratories allow our scientists to push the limits of their fields.

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Research Spotlight

Professor Sue Kidwell uses the fossil record from the last thousand years to understand changes in biological baselines due to human populations.

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Student / Alumni Spotlight

Stewart Edie is a paleobiologist who wants to understand why some groups of organisms are more diverse that others, and how extinction prunes the tree of life.

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Faculty Spotlight

Malte Jansen is a creative physical oceanographer with impressive mathematical chops and great taste in problems.

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Geophysical Science News

  • Congratulations to Dr. Bloch-Johnson!

    November 08, 2018

    Congratulations to Dr. Jonah Bloch-Johnson, who successfully defended his thesis today! The title of his thesis is "Causes and implications of time-varying climate sensitivity" and his committee members were Dorian Abbot, Liz Moyer, and Malte Jansen. Awesome work Jonah!

  • Andrea and Olivia Rock the Undergraduate Research Symposium

    October 12, 2018

    Andrea Salazar and Olivia Alcabes had excellent poster presentations at the 5th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium today. Andrea's poster was titled "Testing for Climate Limit Cycles on Tidally Locked Planets" and Olivia's was titled "The Survivability of Alien Life on Gaian Exoplanets with Changes in External Forcing." Awesome job Andrea and Olivia!!

  • Congratulations, Dr. Tierney!

    September 21, 2018

    Peter Tierney passed his thesis defense this Friday, titled "Characterizing and quantifying habitat heterogeneity, extinction, and persistence of habitat preference in Phanerozoic reefs." His committee members were Sue Kidwell (chair), David Jablonski, Michael Foote, Mark Webster and Scott Lidgard. Congratulations Dr. Tierney!

  • UChicago News Spotlights recent PNAS paper

    September 19, 2018

    Katie Collins, Stewart Edie, Gene Hunt, Kaustuv Roy and Prof. David Jablonski coauthored a paper presenting a new metric for predicting extinction risk. Their results and an interview with Katie Collins and David Jablonski were featured by UChicago News.

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