David B. RowleyProfessor

Research Focus:
Paleoaltimetry, paleogeography, tectonics
(773) 702-8146
Hinds 513

Selected Publications

  • Rowan, Christopher J., and David B. Rowley. "Preserved History of Global Mean Spreading Rate: 83 Ma to Present." Geophysical Journal International (2016): ggw277.
  • Currie, Brian S., et al. "Multiproxy paleoaltimetry of the Late Oligocene-Pliocene Oiyug Basin, southern Tibet." American Journal of Science 316.5 (2016): 401-436.
  • Haywood, Alan M., et al. "The Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project (PlioMIP) Phase 2: scientific objectives and experimental design." Climate of the Past 12.3 (2016): 663.