David B. RowleyProfessor, Emeritus

Research Focus:
Paleoaltimetry, paleogeography, tectonics
(773) 702-8146
Hinds 513

Selected Publications

  • Ingalls, M., Rowley, D. B., Currie, B. S., & Colman, A. S. (2020). Reconsidering the uplift history and peneplanation of the northern Lhasa terrane, Tibet. American Journal of Science, 320(6), 479-532. link
  • Li, S., Currie, B. S., Rowley, D. B., Ingalls, M., Qiu, L., & Wu, Z. (2019). Diagenesis of shallowly buried Miocene lacustrine carbonates from the Hoh Xil Basin, northern Tibetan Plateau: Implications for stable-isotope based elevation estimates. Sedimentary Geology, 388, 20-36. link
  • Rowley, D. B. (2019). Comparing paleomagnetic study means with apparent wander paths: A case study and paleomagnetic test of the Greater India versus Greater Indian Basin hypotheses. Tectonics, 38(2), 722-740. link