Graham SlaterAssociate Professor

Research Focus:
Paleobiology; Macroevolution; Phylogenetics
HGS 267

Selected Publications

  • Machado, F. A., Mongle, C. S., Slater, G.J. et al. (2023)  Rules of teeth development align microevolution with macroevolution in extant and extinct primates. Nature Ecology and Evolution link

  • Wisniewski, A. L., Nations, J. A. and Slater, G. J. (2023) Bayesian prediction of multivariate ecology from phenotypic data yields new insights into the diets of extant and extinct taxa. The American Naturalist 202(2):192-215. link

  • Burin, G., Park, T. James, T. D., Slater, G. J. and Cooper, N. (2023) The dynamic adaptive landscape of cetacean body size. Current Biology 33(9): 1787-1794 link

  • Natale, R. and Slater, G. J. (2022) The effects of foraging ecology and allometry on avian skull shape vary across levels of phylogeny. The American Naturalist 200(4): E174-E188 link

  • Slater, G. J. (2022) Topographically distinct adaptive landscapes for teeth, skeletons, and size explain the adaptive radiation of Carnivora (Mammalia). Evolution 76(9): 2049-2066 link