Graham SlaterAssociate Professor

Research Focus:
Paleontology; evolution
HGS 267

Selected Publications

  • Guillerme, T., Cooper, N., Brusatte, S. L., Davis, K. E., Jackson, A. L., Gerber, S., ... & Lloyd, G. T. (2020). Disparities in the analysis of morphological disparity. Biology letters, 16(7), 20200199. link

  • Presslee, S., Slater, G. J., Pujos, F., Forasiepi, A. M., Fischer, R., Molloy, K., ... & Scaglia, F. (2019). Palaeoproteomics resolves sloth relationships. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 3(7), 1121-1130. link

  • Law, C. J., Slater, G. J., & Mehta, R. S. (2019). Shared extremes by ectotherms and endotherms: body elongation in mustelids is associated with small size and reduced limbs. Evolution, 73(4), 735-749. link