Jacob WaldbauerNeubauer Family Assistant Professor

Research Focus:
Biogeochemistry, microbiology
(773) 702-8322
Hinds 369

Selected Publications

  • Miller, S., Rizzo A.D. and Waldbauer, J.R. (in press) Postnovo: Post-Processing Enables Accurate and FDR-Controlled De Novo Peptide Sequencing. Journal of Proteome Research. doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.8b00278
  • Ma, X., Coleman, M.L. and Waldbauer, J.R. (2018) Distinct molecular signatures in dissolved organic matter produced by viral lysis of marine cyanobacteria. Environmental Microbiology 20: 3001-3011
  • Waldbauer, J.R., Zhang, L., Rizzo, A. and Muratore, D. (2017) diDO-IPTL: A Peptide-Labeling Strategy for Precision Quantitative Proteomics. Analytical Chemistry 89: 11498-11504.
  • Moran, M.A., Kujawinski, E.B., Stubbins, A., Fatland, R., Aluwihare, L.I., Buchan, A., Crump, B.C., Dorrestein, P.C., Dyhrman, S.T., Hess, N.J., Howe, B., Longnecker, K., Medeiros, P.M., Niggemann, J., Obernosterer, I., Repeta, D.J., Waldbauer, J.R. (2016) Deciphering ocean carbon in a changing world. PNAS doi:10.1073/pnas.1514645113.
  • Waldbauer, J.R.*, Rodrigue, S.*, Coleman, M.L. and Chisholm, S.W. (2012) Transcriptome and proteome dynamics of a light-dark synchronized bacterial cell cycle. PLoS ONE 7: e43432. (*co-first authors)
  • Waldbauer, J.R., Newman, D.K. and Summons, R.E. (2011) Microaerobic steroid biosynthesis and the molecular fossil record of Archean life. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108: 13409-13414.