Nicolas DauphasProfessor

Research Focus:
Isotope geochemistry, cosmochemistry
(312) 504-2139
Hinds 589

Selected Publications

  • Chen, X., Wang, W., Zhang, Z., Nie, X., & Dauphas, N. (2020). Evidence from ab initio and transport modeling for diffusion-driven zirconium isotopic fractionation in igneous rocks. ACS Earth and Space Chemistry. link

  • Nie, N. X., Dauphas, N., Villalon, K. L., Liu, N., Heard, A. W., Morris, R. V., & Mertzman, S. A. (2020). Iron isotopic and chemical tracing of basalt alteration and hematite spherule formation in Hawaii: A prospective study for Mars. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 544, 116385. link

  • Pravdivtseva, O., Tissot, F. L. H., Dauphas, N., & Amari, S. (2020). Evidence of presolar SiC in the Allende Curious Marie calcium–aluminium-rich inclusion. Nature Astronomy, 4(6), 617-624. link

  • Heard, A. W., & Dauphas, N. (2020). Constraints on the coevolution of oxic and sulfidic ocean iron sinks from Archean–Paleoproterozoic iron isotope records. Geology, 48(4), 358-362. link