Sara PaverResearch Specialist

Research Focus:
Microbial ecology, community ecology
HGS 281

Selected Publications

  • Paver, S.F., N.D. Youngblut, R.J. Whitaker, and A.D. Kent. 2015. Phytoplankton succession affects the composition of Polynucleobacter subtypes in humic lakes. Environmental Microbiology 17 (3): 816-828. [Abstract]
  • Paver, S. F., K. R. Hayek, K. A. Gano, J. R. Fagen, C. T. Brown, A. G. Davis-Richardson, D. B. Crabb, R. Rosario-Passaperia, A. Giongo, E. W. Triplett, and A. D. Kent. 2013. Interactions between specific phytoplankton and bacteria affect lake bacterial community succession. Environmental Microbiology 15 (9): 2489-2504. [Abstract]
  • Paver, S. F., C. E. Nelson, and A. D. Kent. 2013. Temporal succession of glycolate-utilizing bacterioplankton tracks changes in dissolved organic matter in a high-elevation lake. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 83 (3): 527-805. [Abstract]