Spotlight Archive

  • Preston Kemeny & Kly Suquino

    Preston Cosslett Kemeny and Kly Suquino are isotope geochemists studying the global carbon cycle

  • Bowen Fan

    Bowen studies the climate of early Mars and rocky exoplanets. 

  • Rachel Laker

    Rachel Laker studies marine vertebrate taphonomy in siliciclastic settings.

  • Mark Hammond

    Mark Hammond is a Lindemann Trust Research Fellow who studies the atmospheric circulation of exoplanets, which are planets that orbit stars other than the Sun.

  • Nigel Brauser

    Nigel Brauser is a graduate student who studies the materials of the Earth’s core using diamond anvil cell experiments coupled with computer models.

  • Osamu Miyawaki

    Osamu Miyawaki uses a hierarchy of climate models to study what sets the latitudinal and vertical (2-D) temperature structure in Earth's troposphere.

  • Roger Bryant

    Roger Bryant is a Postdoctoral Scholar who studies sedimentary geochemistry.

  • Ziwei Wang

    Ziwei Wang studies the current state and future projections of convective extreme events.

  • Cara Vennari

    Cara Vennari studies volatile elements in the deep Earth.

  • Justin Hu

    Justin Hu studies mass-dependent fractionation and isotopic anomalies of REEs.

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