Spotlight Archive

  • Stewart Edie

    Stewart Edie is a paleobiologist who wants to understand why some groups of organisms are more diverse that others, and how extinction prunes the tree of life.

  • Sue Kidwell

    Professor Sue Kidwell uses the fossil record from the last thousand years to understand changes in biological baselines due to human populations.

  • Francois Tissot

    Francois Tissot works hard to measure and understand Uranium isotopes in rocks and meteorites to learn about the early Solar System and early Earth.

  • Rebecca Fischer “X-Rays” the Earth

    PhD student Rebecca Fischer uses the department's Laboratory of Mineral Physics to investigate the composition and formation of the Earth.

  • Yang and Abbot Find Red Dwarfs Can Support Habitable Planets

    Post-doc Jun Yang and professor Dorian Abbot find that the most common star type can support planets with liquid water.