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The University of Chicago Stable Isotope Ratio facilityAlbert S. Colman

Helpful Links
Disclaimer: These links are not listed in any particular order, and we are not endorsing any of the companies listed.  While most of the links are to the main site, some of them link to a particular page of interest.  In some cases, we've added notes to help us remember what's what.  We can not garantee that the sites listed are malware free--use at your own risk
IsoGeoChem Wiki & Isogeochem (Archives) & Clumpy too
Online Tools and References EA Supplies
Glass & O-Rings Vacuum Supplies and Repairs
Gasses & Gas Handling Alumina Tubing & Heating Elements
Mass Spectrometers & CRDS Used/Repaired/Refurbished Equipment
Stable Isotope Suppliers Standard Materials & Info
Laboratory Supplies (stockrooms) Industrial Supplies
Science Fairs Miscellanea
Other Labs and Facilities Informational Databases and Communities
14C Laboratories Other Isotopes,e.g. ICP, etc.
Software and Computational support. Programs and Funding
U of Chicago Science Centers Chicago Area Science
U of Chicago Facilites and Services Metasequoia

Science and Chemistry Tools
       Periodic Tables
       MS and NMR Wizard
       Molecular Weight Calculator
       Concentrated Reagent Concentrations (e.g. 35% Ammonia = 18.1 M)
       Solubility Product Constants
       Ideal Gas Law Calculator
       Unit Converter
       Cooling Bath Temperatures (e.g. Methanol/Liquid Nitrogon =  -98 C)
       Online Slide Rule (not actually useful)
       Online Stapler (less useful than the sliderule)
       CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
       Open WetWare (biology wiki)
       List of Universities by State
USGS Earthquake
           earthquake notifications
          Khan Academy (online short courses, video)
Web and Typography Tools
       Unicode Character Map
       Anagram Generator
       Microsoft Office Tips:  Menu Style (pre-2007) & Ribbon Style (post-2007)
                                          Excel        Word                 Excel     Word

Elemental Analysis Supplies
Costech Analytical Supplies
       Exeter Analytical
       Elemental Microanalysis (UK, NJ warehouse) (TC/EA repair/heating elements, isotope stds)
          for US see also: EA consumables
       SerCon (Europa, UK)   
       OEA Labs (UK, glassy C tubes, filaments)
         for US see also: ElementalMS
       IVA Analysentechnik e.K (Germany, TC/EA, GCC, GC-TC-isotope stds)
       Labco (UK, Exetainers, GasBench)
       Hekatech (Germany, EA, TC-O--flow through glassy C only)
       CE Elantech (Carlo-Erba/Thermo Flash EA's)
       UIC Inc (also TIC/TOC/sulfites)
       OI Analytical (TOC--connected to IRMS)
       Alpha Resources (carbon and sulfur in steel)
       Elementar Americas (EAs, Isoprime. Pyro Cubes)
       HTW (glassy C manufacturer--specs required)
       Septa (see also Chromatography below), PCTFE (Kel-F):
             Plastic Profiles
             Professional Plastics
             Applied Plastics Technology, Inc. (APT, Rhode Island)

Glass and O-Rings
       Kimble-Chase (old Kontes, now part of  DWK = Duran + Wheaton + Kimble)
       ChemGlass (also via VWR, carries Kontes style valves)
       SP Industries (includes Wilmad and Virtis)
       Heraeus Quarzglas basic products (worldwide, low C)
       Wale Apparatus
       Specialty Bottle
       MoreBeer (glass carboys) (o-rings, Marco Rubber)
       GM Associates, Inc. (quartz tubing for making heated gases: isotopologue CO2)
       Wheaton Science (now part of DWK = Duran + Wheaton + Kimble)
       Wilmad-Labglass (Reliance division in Chicago for glass blowing/repairs)
       Yale Glass Shop--scientific glassblowing laboratory

Vacuum Supply and Repair
Duniway Vacuum Corp (used, refurbished).
       Capitol Vacuum (used, repair, turbo)
       A & J Vacuum Services (used, repair, turbo)
       Nor-Cal Products (seals)
       A and N Corporation (connectors)
       Alert Scientific (repair)
       Pfeiffer Vacuum (roughing, turbo, repairs)
       Leybold vacuum systems, US
       Adixen (Alcatel Vacuum)
       Precision Plus Vacuum parts
       Edwards Vacuum
       Welch Vacuum
       Vacuum Pump Supply Co.
       PTB Sales (oil diffusion rebuilds)
       Varian pumps (includes diffusion--now part of Agilent)  see also vactek
       Kurt J. Lesker corp. and their vacuum short course
       ABBOTT Rubber CO Inc., rubber tubing/vacuum hoses
       SIS Web (cheap oil)
       MDC vacuum company
       SPI Supplies
       Ideal vacuum products (was PChem Labs)
       Allstate Gasket

Airgas  for U of Chicago information, click here (note: contact information current, pricing is not)
       Oztech Trading Corporation
       Spectra Gases--now part of Linde (high purity CO, 18O water-now part of CIL)
       GTS Gases--now Praxair (CO with 18O around SMOW--not sure now)
       Scott Specialty Gases--now Air Liquide
       IGX Group (Specialty, BrF5--login now required?)
       Galaxy Chemicals (Oklahoma, BrF5)
       Advanced Research Chemicals, Inc. (BrF5 ? or try ClF3)
       Pfaltz & Bauer (rare and fine chemicals, isotopes)
Gas Handling
       Swagelok (Cajon)
       Hoke (Gyrolok)
       Parker (Parker-Hannifin, Veriflo, Pneutronics)
       (see also chromatography)

Alumina Tubing & Heating Elements
International Ceramic Engineering
       Bolt Technical Ceramics (a division of Morgan Advanced Ceramics) 
       Ortech Advanced Ceramics (large bore)
       McDanel Ceramics
       SentroTech (ceramics, MoSi2 heating elements)
       Kanthal Globar (high temp heating elements, $300 min order)
       MHI Inc. (high temp heating elements, min order >$300?
       Mellen Company (heating elements, rebuilds)
       Omega Engineering (temperature/termocouples/ceramics)
        see also Elemental Analysis supplies above, and your OEM.

Mass Spectrometers
Thermo Scientific
           parts from Thermo Unity Lab Services (use part number, Instrument compatibility guide off)
       IsotopX (TIMS and noble gas)
       Scientific Inst. Services (source cleaning/rebuild filaments)
       MasCom (parts for Thermo mass specs, etc.)
Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (IR stable isotope analyzers, good for water, esp D/H, ok for 13C )
       Los Gatos
Scanning IR:
      Thermo Delta Ray
      Ecotech Research (full FT-IR with long path length cell)

Used, Repaired and Refurbished Equipment
       Genentech (pumps, etc.)
       Compco Analytical, Inc. (GC-MS)
       Scientific Inst. Services (pump repair kits, etc.)
       Alert Scientific (repair)
       see also Spectroscopy Now

Stable Isotope Suppliers
Cambridge Isotope Labs
       Spectra Gases (18O water-see CIL above)
       ICON Isotopes
       C/D/N Isotopes
       Omicron Biochemicals (sugars, nucleosides)
       some examples from Isogeochem site:
             Sigma Breath Test
             Los Alamos National Labs, (isotopes, radioactive) (stable-may not be active)
       see also Standard Materials and Information below

Standard Materials and Information (some links not Chrome friendly)
       NIST Light Stable Isotopes
       NIST Stable Isotopic Materials
       IAEA Reference Materials (formally AQCS)
       very large .pdf download:  IAEA TechDoc 825
       IAEA Publications
       IAEA Stable Isotopes Catalogue
       CIAAW Isotopic Standards
       Z.D Sharp "Principles of Stable Isotope Geochemistry, 2nd edition".
       USGS-science center
       USGS Reston Stable Isotope Lab
       USGS publications (was viewed with DeJaVu, now PDF--see site)
       Secondary Stds:
             Indiana University:magic Zn, n-alkanes, etc.,  Arndt Schimmelmann
Oztech Trading Corporation (isotopems <at> gmail...)
                  IVA Analysentechnik e.K (Germany, TC/EA, GCC, GC-TC-EA isotope stds)
                  Elemental Microanalysis (UK) (also TC/EA repair/heating elements-EA isotope stds)

Laboratory Supplies
       U of Chicago Stockrooms

             see PSD local business center (see also: BuySite, Fisher U of C Gordon Storeroom)
             Gordon Center for Integrative Science contains both Receiving and Stockroom, 1st floor.

             Other Divisions
       U of Chicago Environmental Health and Safety  (for police or shuttles, see Community Safety)
       also check out U of Chicago Physical Sciences Division
                               Business Center
                               Purchasing info.
             Grace Davison Discovery (Alltech, consumer sales--is closed down)
Buchi (see chromatography)
                     Bio-Rad (chromatography division)
                     Optimze Technologies (UHPLC)
             Scientific Inst. Services
             SGE (now Trajan Scientific)
             SigmaAldrich analytical chromatography (was Supelco)
(part of Sigma Millipore)
             Chromatography Research Supplies (carry 1/16" large bore graphite/vespel 213100)
             CSS Analytical
             Quadrex corp.
(13mm Pharma-Fix equivalent)
             Vici-Valco (ZF1V 1/16" ferrules, valves, mini-vise septa drill bits)
see also McMaster-Carr for left-handed drill bits
       Alfa Aesar (Lancaster) (also via VWR, and now bought by ThermoFisher)
             Acros Organics (also bought by ThermoFisher)
             EMD (Merck) (also via VWR--now EMD Millipore, part of Sigma-Millipore)
             J.T. Baker/Mallinckrodt (now part of Avantor; Mallinckrodt name of a pharmaceutical co.)
             order via local supplier, e.g., VWR, Fisher,and:
                    Wilkens-Anderson Co. (WACO; Chicago, IL)
                    MG Scientific (Pleasant Prairie, WI)
                    Capitol Scientific (also carries Dow electronic materials) (Austin, TX)
       Macalaster-Bicknell (New Haven, CT--closed)
VWR (US store site)  (now part of Avantor)
       Fisher Scientific (merged with Thermo)
       Spectrum Chemical
       Thomas Scientific
       Forestry Suppliers (was Ben Meadows)
       Ward's Natural Science (Earth Science, forceps)
       SKS Science (labware, containers)
       Electron Microscopy Sciences (general supplies too)
       FMI Liquid Pumps

Industrial Supplies
       MSC Corp
and electronics:
       TRC Electronics (power supplies)
       Digi-Key (electronic components)
       Rochester Electric (electronic components)
       Arrow Electronics Corp.
       Avnet Electronics Marketing
       Newark-in-one (electronic components)
       Ohmite (resistors)
and the small stuff:
       Fine Science Tools
       Fine Tools (woodworking, etc., Germany)
       ToolPlanet (in Illinois)
       Workshop Heaven (UK)
       Highland Woodworking (US)
       Darby Dental (drill supplies)
       Benco Dental
       Small Parts--now on Amazon, vendor Small Parts
         not Small Parts Inc., a metal stamping/machining company

Science Fairs and Fun Stuff  (see also our Fun Stuff page)
Academy of Sciences:
  Illinois Junior Academy of Sciences (see participating schools under Regional Info)
  check your local states, e.g. Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Sciences
  Illinois State Academy of Sciences see also student awards
  Illinois Science Olympiad
  National Science Olympiad web site, policies, state sites, look under "about" for more info.
Science related stores--see also your local museum's store
       Peabody Museum Shop (New Haven, CT) note, museum will be renovated soon
       Steve Spangler Science
       Scientifics Direct (was Edmund Scientific)
       Ward's Natural Science (Earth Science)
 List of Chicago area schools (Wikipedia)
Phylo (you align it--sequencing games)
  Chicago Area attractions
    Argonne National Laboratories
    Museum of Science and Industry (cool)  (shop here with photographs here)
    Field Museum  (cool too)  (as they say: dino-mite gifts)
           School programs
    Alder Planetarium (cool three...ok, you get the idea)  (online store)
    Chicago Botanic Garden,  education programs  (Garden Shop online)
    The Morton Arboretum, for kids, education programs  (Arboretum Store online)
    U of C Civic Engagement  The University and the Windy City

       Nafion Drying Tubes
       Halogen Lamps (heaters)
             Express Lighting
       Apple IIe
             Shreve Systems--closed....
       PC Parts
             Tiger Direct
             MonoPrice (Cables)
       CTC Leaptech Autosampler
             Leaptec (also part of Trajan Scientific and Medical)
       Micro Mill
             NewWave--no longer available via ESI
             GeoMill  Also sells micro-powder recovery system (vacuum).
             others--make sure they are suitable for desired uses:
       Special needles (see also Chromatography and General supplies)
             Popper and Sons/Cadence Science

Other Labs and Facilities--stable isotope and other
University of Vermont, Geology
                  UVM Geology Dept. facilities
             UC  Davis Stable Isotope Labs
             UC Irvine AMS facility
             CalTech Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences  (Francois, facilities)
             Arizona State University
             Colorado Plateau Stable Isotope Laboratory
             Cornell University Stable Isotope Center
             MBL Stable Isotope Laboratory (Woods Hole)
             SIRFER: Stable Isotope Ratio Facility for Evironmental Research
                   (Utah, IsoCamp)
             Duke's DEVIL
             Dartmouth (Earth Science Facilities)
             UMass Geosciences facilities (Amherst)
             University of Michigan Climate and Space  Light Stable Isotopes Geophysical Union (students)
             Penn State; College of Earth and Mineral Sciences
                   Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
                   Dept. of Geosciences (Miquela, Earth System Science Center)

             Indiana University Bloomington (for magic Zn and secondary stds: Arndt Schimmelmann)
             Isotope Geochemistry at the University of Texas at Austin (E)
             Texas A&M, College Station, G&G (plus list of other labs)
             Reston Stable Isotope Laboratory, USGS (Ty Coplen)
             USGS-locations  centers, e.g. Analytical Geochemistry
             University of Arkansas, UASIL
             Marine Science Institute (UC Santa Barbara)
             Washington State University, Stable Isotope Core
             University of Washington, Isolab
             University of Washington, Oceanography SIL
             Lehigh University (IR laser fluorination)
             Geophysical Laboratory, Carnegie Institution (Marilyn Fogel now at UC Riverside)
             University of Alabama, Dept. of Geological Sciences, Stable Isotope Laboratory
             University of Georgia, Institute of Ecology  also via Dept. of Geology
             University of North Carolina, Geological Sciences Chapel Hill
             University of Florida
             University of Illinois, Dept. of Geology (Picarro for water, see ISGS below)
             Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), Isotope Geochemistry Section
             University of Arizona, Environmental Isotope Laboratory
             University of Arizona, Accelorator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
             Lousianna State University, Dept. of Geology & Geophysics
                  OASIC, Oxy-Anion Stable Isotope Center (laser fluorination)
             Florida Int'l University., Reseach Centers, see Stable Isotope Laboratory
             Purdue Stable Isotope (PSI) facility
             SIREAL (Stable Isotope Ratios in the Environment, Analytical  Laboratory)
             Australian National University, Stable Isotope Facility (Graham Farquhar)
             University of Toronto, Canada, Geobiology Isotope Lab
             Saskatchewan Isotope Laboratory (snow tunnels, software:Geodate)
             Jan Veizer Stable Isotope Laboratory (formally G.G. Hatch, U. of Ottawa)
             University of Calgary Isotope Science Laboratory
             University of Edinburgh, School of Geosciences, facilities
             University of Newcastle upon Tyne
                  Physical Geography, facilities
                  Centre for Earth Systems Engineering
                  School of Natural and Environmental Sciences
                   isotope analysis via Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre
             British Geological Society, NERC earth science facilities (UK)
             European Center for Research and Education in Environmental Geosciences
             University of Waterloo, environmental isotope laboratory
             IsoLab (Max Planck, Willi Brand)
             IAEA Isotope Hydrology Laboratory
             Queen's University, Belfast, School of Natural and Built Environment, stable isotope facility
             Forensic Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Network
             University of Otago, New Zealand
       Commercial (isotopes, check Isogeochem website too):  
             no longer active: Geochemistry.Com, Laboratories
             Iso-Analytical (UK)
             GeoChron Laboratories (US, 14C, stable, etc.)
             Metabolic Solutions (US, medical research)
             ZyMax Stable Isotope Laboratory (US--now DRPA and no longer does isotopic analysis)
Pace Analytical (US, forensic analysis--compound specific and chlorinated compounds)
             Intertek (international, methane)
             iso-trace  (New Zealand)--try University of Otago (see above)
Elemental US (US, OEA supplies, unrelated to Elemental Microanalysis)
             elemental analysis, CHNOS and other (US):
                Midwest Microlabs
                Elemental Analysis (also unrelated to Elemental Microanalysis)
                Micro Analysis
(also unrelated...yeah, you get the idea)

Informational Databases and Communities
       Isogeochem (archives)
       no longer...Isogeochem Wiki
       Clumpy Wiki!
          iDeal  isotopes in Diagenetic environments and the lithosphere (go Cedric!)
       EPA Data analysis and models for stable isotopes ("awesome", Ed)
       Water Isotopes .org
       Wikipedia (stable isotopes)
       US Geological Survey, Resources on Isotopes
             USGS Resources on Isotopes, periodic table
       Mineralogical Society of America
       Standard materials and info (above)
       NIOZ (Tex86 protocol no longer available, not stable isotope based)
       Geochemisty by W.M White (text book, stable isotope chapter--also available via Amazon)
       Boggy's Links (, includes list of Geology Depts)
       Cornell's Geochemisty on the World Wide Web
       Nitrate isolation (USGS, silver nitrate method)
       see also, Software/modeling/etc., below
     It's a BLAST--genomic sequence matching, etc.


14C Laboratories (tracers/dating), Other Isotopes and Geochemistry, Etc.
       Lawrence Livermore National lab (no longer available at Sandia National Labs)
       no (list of labs, etc.)
       Arizona Accelerator Mass Spectometry Laboratory
       PRIME (Purdue Rare Isotope Measurement Laboratory, Be-10, Al-26, etc.)
       Illinois State Geological Survey (UI Urbana-Champaign) (scintillation counting, prep for AMS)

There are also many other types of labs not listed here, including ICP-MS facilities, secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS, ion beam, etc.), and other more specialized techniques for rare but still exciting isotopes--or excited if you are doing RIMS.

Other Isotopes


Software and Computational Support:
             see also,
Stable Isotope resources and Databases above, and U of C Science Centers, below.
      U of C Computational Support:
             U of C IT services--you will have to navigate site to try to find things
             set up Guest Access
             PSD (Physical Sciences Division) facilities--note: PSD computing is being redone 
              GeoSci Computing--last updated 2014
              Geophysical Sciences intranet--includes link to provide guests wireless access
                   link for Guest access
              Computation Institute (moving beyond BlueGene at Argonne)


       R is below:
             GeoWall (looks cool--archived site at UIC, consortium site now is for yoga)
                for example, see: University of British Columbia (software, linux or windows)
                see also CAVE2 from EVL lab at UIC
                              GeoWall 2 (larger wall, no longer active project)
             Earth Models  (link to GeoWall consortium goes to yoga site)
             Flash  (stars exploding or maybe plasma formation--high performance computing)
             Mann (Penn State) Holocene tools
             CourseWare (simulators)
             OpenOffice  and/or LibreOffice (works with Zotero if set up properly)
             Google Earth (download program, high speed connection needed)
             Google Moon  Wallace and Grommit were right, it's cheese--and it was a Grand Day Out
             Google Mars  
             Wiki--make your own using Google Sites
            other wiki sites/info: Wikipedia
       "Free" Compilers, Emulators, OS, Tools
             Linux info
             Digital Mars  (not the planet--C++ and D compilers)
             theFreeCountry programming tools
             the R project (statistical programming--it comes after S)
             SeaMonkey (webpage authoring--and much more--Kompozer site decomposed)
             Python--the snake that swallowed them all

Programs and Funding
Global Climate and Energy Project
       NSF (National Science Foundation, US)
       NIH (National Institutes of Health)
       DOE (Department of Energy)
       U of Chicago Research Administration

U. of Chicago Science Centers
Division of Physical Sciences  Depts, Institutes, Reseach Centers, National Laboratories, wiki, etc.
       Physical Science Division, Core Facilities
        Computation Institute (moving beyond BlueGene)
        Institute for Biophysical Dynamics
        Enrico Fermi Institute
        James Franck Institute
   Dept. of Chemistry, Facilities  Spectroscopy (NMR, X-ray, MS, IR, UV), shops, etc.
   Dept. of the Geophysical Sciences, Research  Overview, affiliated centers and organizations.
   Dept. of Physics, facilities and resources

Biological Sciences Division
    Office of Shared Research Facilities (lots of stuff, check it out)
        Biophysics Core Facility
        Flow Cytometry Core Facility
        Proteomics Core Facility
        Functional Genomics Facility
    Dept. of Ecology and Evolution facilities, including "media kitchen", confocal microscopy, high throughput screening, etc.

Division of Social Sciences
         Anthropology, facilities

Pritzker School of Medicine
Chicago Biomedical Consortium

Chicago Materials Research Center (facilities)
rdcep: robust decision-making on climate and energy policy

Calumet Quarter  Prairie Ecosystems


Chicago Area Science
Chicago Biomedical Consortium
           Earth and Planetary Sciences Integrated Labs
               Stable Isotope Facility (Andy)
   UIC (U. of Illinois at Chicago)
          Stable Isotope Facility (Biological Sciences)
          ACE (Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems) Laboratory (Max) 
   List of Chicago area schools (Wikipedia)
   National Laboratories:
   Argonne National Laboratories
    Museum of Science and Industry (cool)  (shop here with photographs here)
    Field Museum  (cool too)  (as they say: dino-mite gifts)
           School programs
    Alder Planetarium (cool three...ok, you get the idea)  (online store)
    Chicago Botanic Garden,  education programs  (Garden Shop online)
    The Morton Arboretum, for kids, education programs  (Arboretum Store online)
    U of C Civic Engagement  The University and the Windy City


U of Chicago Facilities and Services
U of C Research Administration  Info, find funding, ID numbers, submissions, policies, etc.
 Engineering + Technical Support group (ETSG) (CAD, etc.)
 Electronics Design Group
 Central Shop
 Sustainability, links, e.g. EPIC (Energy Policy Institute at Chicago)
Environmental Health and Safety Training, emergency procedures, policies,etc.

U of C Civic Engagement  The University and the Windy City

Human Resources
    New Employees
Residential Services


Below is a list of some links with regards to the Metasequoia (dawn redwood), a "living fossil" which is being studied and Yale and other institutions. Please follow the links, which are to outside sites, "for the rest of the story."

Chicago Botanic Garden
  U. of Chicago, alas no metasequoias but check out what trees are here
Vermont (dawn redwood)
Virginia Tech Dendrology
Oregon state fossil fyi: oregonfossilguy moved to Idaho
Dave's Garden
Live Plants
Meadows Farms
Burncoose Nuseries (UK)
When checking local stores, try asking for either "dawn redwood" or "metasequoia".
Bonsai-BCI species guide
Bonsai Boy of New York
Evergreen Gardenworks
Paleodirect--collection varies, may not have metasequoia
Educational Fossils, plant collections
Fossilmuseum--living fossils
Fossilicious--search for metasequoia