In the University

Computational Resources

Midway, a professionally-managed high performance computing cluster, forms the core of the Research Computing Center's advanced computational infrastructure at the University of Chicago. Midway is comprised of a large pool of servers, software, and storage that researchers can utilize to increase the efficiency and scale of their computational science. Midway is currently expanding, but at time of writing Midway contains a total of 10,400 cores across 624 nodes, and 1.5 PB of storage. The types of CPU architectures RCC maintains are are:

  • Intel Sandybridge - 16 cores @ 2.6 GHz with 32 GB memory per node
  • Intel Ivybridge - 20 cores @ 2.8 Ghz with 64 GB memory per node
  • AMD Opteron 6386SE - 64 cores @ 2.8 Ghz with 256 GB memory per node

RCC also maintains a number of specialty nodes:

  • Large shared memory nodes with up to 1 TB of memory per node with either 16 or 32 Intel CPU cores.

Engineering Resources

The University of Chicago Engineering Center (UCEC) is a group of engineers and support staff that provide engineering services and support. The can provide electrical and mechanical engineering support and have a central machine shop.

Graphic Arts

PSD Graphic Arts is an on-campus service that can help design graphics for lectures, research, presentations, and posters.