Dorian AbbotProfessor

Research Focus:
Climate, paleoclimate, ice, habitability, and exoplanets
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I have an undergraduate degree in physics (2004, Harvard) and a PhD in applied math (2008, Harvard). I came to the University of Chicago as a Chamberlin Fellow in 2009 and stayed on as a faculty member in 2011.

Research Interests

I use mathematical and computational models to understand and explain fundamental problems in Earth and Planetary Sciences. I have worked on problems related to climate, paleoclimate, planetary habitability, and exoplanets, but I'm always excited to think about new things. I work best with students who have strong mathematical skills that they want to apply to cool problems.

Selected Publications

  • Finkel, Justin, Edwin P. Gerber, Dorian S. Abbot and Jonathan Weare (2023), Revealing the statistics of extreme events hidden in short weather forecast data, AGU Advances, 4, e2023AV000881. arxiv

  • Ji, Xuan, Nora Bailey, Daniel Fabrycky, Edwin S. Kite, Jonathan H. Jiang, Dorian S. Abbot (2023), Inner Habitable Zone Boundary for Eccentric Exoplanets, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 943:L1. arxiv

  • Abbot, D.S., R.J. Webber, S. Hadden, D. Seligman, J. Weare (2021), Rare Event Sampling Improves Mercury Instability Statistics, The Astrophysical Journal, 923:236. arxiv 

Statement of Values

I practice fair admissions: I select students and postdocs on the basis of scientific ability and promise, and I do not discriminate against any applicant based on anything else. I encourage freedom of expression and the creative exploration of ideas in my group.